It’s that time of year again. The trees are turning from green to yellow to orange and red, people are bringing out their boots, and, yes, we’re all getting a cold or two. Stay ahead of the game this year by trying out some of our Natural Remedies that will boost your immune system and give you a head start in staying out of bed and enjoying the colorful changes that fall brings.

Today, I’m happy to share with you my own secret remedies: a smoothie, a tea, and a health shot, that will have your body thanking you for taking such good care. I always use organic. I feel like I owe it to my body. I believe that organic foods have more nutrition and less chemicals than other types of vegetables/fruits. Yes, sometimes I can’t find organic and use whatever they have at the store, but check out this article to find out more about the benefits of eating organic (also this article here).

The Thanksgiving Smoothie   image6  


Cranberries—a handful

Parsley—a pinch

Spinach—little bit less than a handful

Ginger—just a small piece

½ cup Orange Juice (can substitute water if you like—but I love the way the orange juice makes it taste)



Obviously, our ingredients are guesstimated more than measured. This is because I tend to mix up the amounts that I use each time. The cranberries provide a great vitamin C boost, the spinach gives your body fiber, protein, and green goodness (not to mention it’s rich in iron), and the ginger gives it just enough of a zesty kick to keep things interesting. Mix well in a blender. Typically I like to make my smoothie thick and drink it fast (like a liquid meal), but you cimage8an always make it a bit thinner by adding more water or orange juice. Give the Thanksgiving smoothie a test run and let us know what you think.

I love this smoothie. It gives me so much energy (more than a cup of coffee) and I tend to make it once a day. These days I am so tired (because I am pregnant) so to have something to wake me up is a big deal (especially when it’s a healthy treat like this).


Soothing Winter Teaimage2




Organic Honey


Take a jar and fill it with layers of sliced ginger and slices of lemon (typically I make at limage4east 4 layers, but often times moreimage3). Then take organic honey and pour into the jar until it just overs the top of the layers of ginger and lemon. Put the jar in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to let all ingredients combine slowly. Surprisingly the tea is not too sweet once it settles as the spice of the ginger and zest of the lemon counterbalance the sweetness of the honey to create a soothing mixture. After a few hours take a spoonful of the mixture and add boiling water in a cup.



Garlic Shot


1 small clove garlic

Organic Lemon juice

1 teaspoon organic honey


Make sure that the garlic clove is small, because you will be swallowing the whole clove and not chewing it (trust me, you don’t want to chew a raw piece of garlic). Place the small clove in a shot glass and add half a squeezed lemon and the honey. Best to be taken right before or after a meal. The garlic is an amazing immune booster, and it also helps to clear out our digestive systems. Also if you swallow it whole in honey and lemon there are no side effects of bad breath (another reason to swallow a small clove and not a huge one—which might cause bad breath). To prevent a cold take this shot every other day, or 4 times a week. If you are not feeling you best go ahead and try this amazing shot once or twice and day and see if you get better faster.

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