We live in New York City a place that affords many opportunities all crammed into a tiny space. Living in New York, just like living in many places, it is important to stay organized, and even more important to stay motivated to keep up with organizing time, life, and—well—all of our stuff. Because in small spaces even a small mess looks bigger!

Here are the top 8 tips from our yoga instructors to keep you motivated and organized the yogi way.

  1. Simplify

This is my mother’s best advice, and it works. Most of the time when I feel like things are getting too hard to organize, it’s because I have too much stuff. It’s always a sign, before I go any further to check in and see what stuff I really need and what stuff is just holding me back and making it hard to stay organized. Of course…I have a weakness for clothes and bags.  I can’t throw them out even if I havent worn them in  5 years. Because you never know 🙂 Our apartment comes with a small basement, and so I have been keeping my clothes, shoes and bags that I don’t use there. Hoping one day I will have a closet big enough to keep everything.

  1. The rule of 8/8/8

This is a tip that one of our students told us. She said that the rule of 8/8/8 keeps her from over working or procrastinating. “The main idea is that there should be 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work, and 8 hours for you.” Thanks for that pro-tip. So leave your work at work and take 8 hours for yourself. It’s good to feel relaxed.

  1. Breathe

Remember it’s just stuff. “When I take a moment to breathe in and out, I find that I do have the strength to attack that pile of dirty clothes that I’ve been meaning to wash, or fold.” I just need break sometimes. So in my schedule I do the bathroom first, after sit down 5-10min, then do the kitchen sit down….. Take a break and breath is very help full. Just don’t start to watch your favorite show, because you will never get of the couch. I usually listen to music from spotyfy (love latino and RnB music, it gets me in the mood 🙂 ) or turn on the news for some background noise.

  1. Trick yourself

Another method is to trick yourself into staying organized. “If I notice that I’m putting clothes or things on the chair, or the floor, or anywhere it’s not supposed to go, I pick everything up and put it on my bed. That way I know before I go to bed I need to put everything where it belongs.” Says Viki, “It’s helps me put things away even when I don’t feel like it.” Great trick after a big laundry day, so no excuse you really have to fold them 🙂

  1. Remember it’s a lifestyle not an event

“Being organized, is a way of life. It’s not just a one time event. It’s based on a bunch of small decisions I make every day. I don’t just wake up thinking, ‘oh I guess I’ll stay organized today.’ Rather, when I wake up I make the bed, then I but my pajamas the top of my pillow, I make my morning coffee/tea, eat my breakfast then I wash out the coffee pot after I use it, place the bowl/plates I ate to the dishwasher. It’s all these little choices that make life organized, not just one action.” I like to clean after my self right away. Believe me my husband can eat his breakfast from 3 different bowl and drink from 2 different cups. So many times I’ve asked him WHY? never got a worthy answer.  So If I don’t clean up after us right after, by night it will look like a nightmare.

  1. Be in the moment

“I tend not to think of it as getting organized, but rather living life. It’s like that quote from Thich Nhat Hanh ‘when doing the dishes think only of doing the dishes’ when I stop thinking of organizing as chores I can start to appreciate the ways that I experience life during any given activity. And it works, I can focus on how my body moves and enjoy throwing myself into whatever activity I am lucky enough to enjoy…even doing the dishes.” Be honest I do enjoy cleaning and organize my house. I can turn off my brain and just focus on the cleaning. Great meditation.

  1. Exercise

Yeah, as a fitness studio we might be a bit biased, but google it. Staying active helps. In almost all aspects of life. When you stay active it actually increases your energy levels so you’ll have more energy to put into keeping yourself sane.

  1. Sometimes…embrace the mess

There is a time for everything. There are some times and places for a mess, and knowing when those are and being able to accept it and not berate yourself, is a skill worth learning. Everything in its place, even disorganization. I tend to be a little more of a clean freak and that’s not good either. For instance, after I host house party, even if everybody leaves by 1-2am, I cannot sleep till I clean up everything, vacuum and wash the floor. I know it is insane, but I like to wake up to a clean apartment. I’m learning now to let it go. It’s fine to clean the next day. But I still hve to tel myself “Viki it is fine to let this go.” Still soooo hard 🙂

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