You ever had a vitamins what make you feel good and do good in your gut?

N.I.C.S probiotics Vitamins improve the functioning of the digestive system, and have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes and absorption of nutrients.

What are probiotics ? Why does a probiotic vitamin absorb better?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that, when ingested in adequate amounts, help maintain the balance of the intestinal flora, improve the functioning of the digestive system, and have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes and absorption of nutrients.

and what are prebiotic is ?:
Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that enter the colon in a chemically unchanged form and are able to promote the growth of microorganisms with beneficial properties in the body, especially Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. A prebiotic is essentially a “nutrient” that probiotics feed on.

The most important consideration when choosing a probiotic dietary supplement is the number of bacteria in it. The more, the better, as it cannot be overdosed and our health is maintained in part by the predominance of beneficial bacteria in the colon.
The intestinal flora is damaged by several substances, such as chlorine, alcohol, antibiotics, birth control pills and other medications in treated drinking water, poor eating habits, stress.
Research shows that the living flora will improve the absorption and utilization of vitamins!
Think about it, due to the mentioned factors, the intestinal system faces a lot of harmful bacteria every day! When we bring the beneficial bacteria into the body (in the form of a probiotic), we begin to displace the bad ones as well as eliminate the existing dysbiosis!
️Initially, these bacteria are still “fighting” with each other, but over time, the GOOD will prevail and will predominate in the gut!
This means that good bacteria colonize the gut, divide, multiply, making it much more efficient to absorb vitamins !!!
It is important to bring the beneficial bacteria into the body every day, because they will double every 20 minutes and die every hour !!!

Protect your immune system !! Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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Here are the 6 basic arguments that rule out any doubt:

  1. Contains 6 species of live flora, not “dead bacteria”.
  2. A single capsule contains the appropriate number of germs, a colony forming unit recommended by the researchers (10 on the 8th)
  3. It also contains prebiotic (Inulin), which promotes the reproduction of probiotics, thus ensuring a longer life.
  4. Due to the special encapsulation process they are resistant to the effects of gastric acid, bile and digestive enzymes, allowing strains to reach the small and large intestine alive where they can reproduce and adhere. The basic criterion is that the bacteria remain viable during their passage through the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. They retain their resistance as each capsule is individually sealed.
  6. Apart from the “symbiotic”, each product contains bioactive vitamins, minerals, or herbal extracts, so they do not need to be purchased separately.

N.I.C.S. a European company that is producing dietary supplements which are highly absorbing in your body , unique in their complexity and quality. Their supplements are less processed and have probiotics that make them easy to digest and do wonder with your body inside and out. NICS microflora is formed by beneficial, living microorganisms, which survive the acidic environment in the gastrointestinal tract and help maintain the balance of healthy intestinal mircroflora. Their products contain high numbers of bacterial flora and inulin which help the reproduction of the good bacteria in our system.

All 20 NICS products are based on live flora! They have both pre- and probiotics + vitamins + herbs + trace elements = so SYMBIOTICS

Why the packaging for 1 year?

Every person should take a probiotic every day. With food and our lifestyle, we bring a lot of harmful bacteria into the body, so in order to balance the intestinal flora, we have to replace the beneficial bacteria every day to maintain the balance.

What is the recommended daily dose of probiotics?

One capsule a day is definitely recommended, but since it is a beneficial bacteria, we can safely take more.

How is it different from other probiotics?

The products are made with semi-automatic machines. They are unpacked individually, hermetically and dehumidifiably, so that the living microorganisms retain their beneficial effect and remain in the product until it reaches the consumer.

How long does it take to make an impact?

Our intestinal system is like a fingerprint, everyone is different, so the expected result arrives within a different time. Some have spectacular results within a few weeks, but it may take a few months to rebalance the gut flora. All depends on the severity of the particular disease / problem.

Why try?

Because it is sure to BE ABSORBED, so the beneficial bacteria can colonize the intestinal system and the balance is achieved!

Help your digestion, build up your immune system the right way. More info here. Or email me with any questions

Unfortunately with all that is happening in the food industry in America, we still need to take supplements just to get all the vitamins, nutrient and probiotics what our body is missing. Besides all that, we also have to make sure that we take the right products, so our body can benefit from it, absorb it and process it, not just flush it out.