Teach a class with Balance Ball, Small Ball, Blanket, Strap and  Block.

Props Training is our most extensive training. The program covers beginners, intermediate, and advanced level exercises and expands upon their success and difficulty with the incorporation of props. Endeavoring to make even the most classical exercises contemporary and fun.

In a basic class we can use props to help our students understand what they should be doing, and which muscles make the movement more effective, and students in our advanced levels find the addition of props can make any traditional Pilates movement more challenging.  Properly using props can help students at any level better understand what the work is, how to do it better, and how to do it well.


Memorize exercise names and create a class incorporate with a props
Practice teaching
Pass the practical and the take home exam by the end of the training


  • Teach Pilates sequencing using props to make it more basic or advance.
  • Give cues and modifications that help the client/student feel more comfortable and prevent injury.


PROPS PILATES Training for only $699.99

Pick 3 or 4 days from the following option to get certified.

August 9th (Thursday)

August 10th (Friday)

August 11th (Saturday)

August 12th (Sunday)

August 13th (Monday)

August 14th (Tuesday)

August 17th (Friday)

The training will be held from 10am-4pm