Originally  designed as a way to help moms get their toned tummy back, this course has grown in understanding and capacity. This course focuses on Special Case Clients (i.e. repairing diastis recti, regain abdominal strength, recovering after surgery or illness, pre- and post-natal women, etc) and shows teachers how to react effectively to help meet the needs of all students.

Unfortunately, many students don’t have awareness, or any idea, how to engage the core or even what to do with it. They know where their abs are, and how to do a crunch, but they do not know how to use their abs correctly in other exercises.

With our training YOU will learn, in various exercises, how to teach abdominal engagement correctly!


Memorize exercise names and order
Practice teaching
Pass the practical and the take home exam by the end of the training


  • Teach Postnatal Pilates sequencing with confidence and knowledgeable .
  • Give cues and modifications that give the client better understanding of the movement.
  • Have a deeper understanding what happening in the body during and after pregnancy.
  • Understand how to utilize breath to support every movement.


Next training date coming up in 2019 spring

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