Fastest way to become a Certified Yoga Teacher!


This program purpose goes beyond making you a great Yoga teacher; it provides an excellent foundation for an extensive knowledge of Yoga. Considerable attention is given to many other aspects of Yoga so that all graduates have both a practical and a philosophical understanding of the full scope of its teachings and practices. The training will support you in deeply honing your personal practice as well as give you all the knowledge and tools you need to be a successful yoga instructor. Our training is designed for busy professionals and career changers who want the rigor of a personalized and intensive yoga teacher training program, while still keeping their current work and personal lives going.

T R A I N I N G    I N C L U D E S

  1. 30 minutes Private session online with lead teacher

    T R A I N I N G    I N C L U D E S

    1. 30 minutes Private session online with lead teacher

    2. 100+ dynamic video lectures

    3. Comprehensive written training manuals

    4. Yoga postures (Asanas).

    5. Creating and building your own classes (Sequencing).

    6. How to teach a well rounded class.

    7. Learning different warm up techniques for the beginning and the end of the class.

    8. Learning how to warm up and strengthen each joint areas.

    9. Anatomy structures.

    10. Alignment principals.

    11. The art of adjustment, hands on techniques.

    12. Yoga Philosophy and History.

    13. Pranayama (breathing practices).

    14. Meditation and deep relaxation.

    15. Mudras and mantras.

    16. What’s the difference between each yoga styles (Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga … etc).

    17. Chakras and energy bodys

    18. Sanskrit language.

    19. Sequencing different style classes for different people.

    20. Accountability and assessments.


  • I will teach you how to build a carrier on teaching yoga.
  • You will learn how to organize and initiate classes for professional groups and organizations.
  • Part of a private facebook group where you can ask anything and find an answer for everything.
  • Real time engagement with lead teacher..

T U I T I O N 

200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification (Yoga alliance approved) : $1899

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Certification and Yoga Alliance Affiliation
Graduates receive well beyond the basic 200 hours needed for being a registered Yoga teacher of the Yoga Alliance.

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Why my online trainings are good? Why do you do it with me? How do you know if this give you the same quality as a studio would?

I have been teaching for over 10 years, first teaching in different studios and then opened  my own Yoga / Pilates studio in Midtown Manhattan. I have experienced a lot and seen many different cases over the years. There is not many physical problem that I can not solve. My motto is ” Everything has a solution, you do not have to live uncomfortable”.  With a total of 100 courses behind me (mix of Mat Pilates, Machine Pilates and Yoga teacher trainings), I’m confident to say I can easily explain / show everything,  all the knowledge you need to learn,  everything you need to know and understand how to be a great teacher . You will get a textbook and many videos to help you to fully understand the trainings. I truly belive you can learn everything what you need to know about yoga watching the videos,

Why online?

Money, time, convenience – these are the three top reasons to study online. No need to go to any school, all you need to know and do is right on your laptop, tablet or even your phone. Of course, besides convenience, money is also an important factor – while a traditional trainings can cost thousands of dollars, online  you get the same professional quality for a fraction of the cost of the course.

What do you do if you do not understand something or need help?

If you get stuck, you can consult me ​​anytime, via email, Skype or even FaceTime.