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Since I’ve been pregnant I noticed how many women in my shoes try to keep up and not gain any weight during this period. Like former Miss Universe contestant, Chantal Duncan. I think that might be a little extreme. You should Gaining 25-35lbs is normal. I see women 38-40 weeks pregnant and still going to spinning, bar class … etc. and I just don’t understand why is so important to stay skinny? This time of your life is not about you, it’s about your baby. I know it’s important exercise, but to an extreme? This is not the time of your life where you should look the best, it’s okay if your thighs and arms are not as toned, you will have plenty of time to get back in shape. It is okay to get a little bit puffy. No one is going to judge you.  You might judge yourself.

For New York women, who always have so much pressure on how they look there is a demand to not gain any weight, besides the baby. For us big city women, especially here in New York, the way we look after pregnancy is also pressured.  It’s a race, everyone trying to get back in shape after 1 month from birth. Believe me I feel you. But this is no competition – I do get this feeling sometimes, when other women, who just had a baby, ask how much I gained, and I can see them roll their eyes. But after I put my ego on the side; I just laugh J. This is my body. I know that I am doing the best to take care of me and my beautiful baby.

I don’t believe you should gain 40-50lbs and eat crazy, don’t get me wrong. That’s the other extreme. Eat whatever you feel like, and stop when you feel full. You know your body and what your baby needs. Some women think this is the time they can eat whatever they want (what did you do till now, suffer???) and nobody, not even their partners, will care how they look. I think this is a lie. First of all, you should always eat whatever you want! It’s about knowing when to stop. Stop when you are full, and yes get the dessert, but after few bites, when you have satisfied your cravings, put down the fork. Also your partner not saying anything right now, but believe me if you keep your eating habit and your weight gain 1 year after birth, then he will say something. And is not a healthy thinking just because you have a baby you stop being that beautiful, sexy women you were before. NOOOOO! Now you have a baby and you want back the sexy feeling too. So eat healthy then soon as you feel you ready (not when your society tell you) go back to work out. Because like my husband would say “nothing sexier then a sexy mama.” 🙂

This is the hardest part of listening to our bodies. Before I was pregnant women would tell me, “Viki, you don’t know how it feels, so don’t tell me what to do.” So I stopped telling them what to do. But now I’m pregnant, and I’m in the same situation, and I feel like it is okay to give some advice. Because I know that when I feel full, I can stop. It is just listening and controlling your body and mind. Easier to said than done? Maybe, but with 2 weeks of practice you will see how much you can do and you will not feel hungry. This is not a diet during this time of your life this is just healthy eating and nutrition so you will have a healthy pregnancy and develop a healthy baby. These are the two most important things right now.

Smoothie for 2 days

My doctor told me when I was only 22 weeks that I had already gained 20lbs. I have to slow down, because the baby will be too big and I can have a complication during labor. I have narrow hips so I did get scared, I don’t want tears (I will do perennial massage during my labor, hope that helps). So since December I only gained 10lb (It is end of March now, I’m 38 weeks). After she told me, I really started to watch what I eat. Again, it’s not like I ate bad before, is just in the first 4 months only bread would ease my nausea, and besides walking to work I did nothing else. I couldn’t. So I promised myself I will eat more nutritious foods and cut out the starch. This is also better for the baby. I started cooking every day (before because I stayed at work I ate from the food carts around my studio), and eating mostly stir fry vegetables with chicken or beef. Sometimes I ate rice or potatoes, but I was making sure for a few days before I go to the doctor and she weight me I only eat healthy, with a little chocolate for dessert.

Like I said it in an earlier blog, I don’t have any cravings. I eat pretty balanced, so I don’t feel like I have to eat the box of ice cream. Sure if you put 2 doughnuts or cupcakes front of me from Dough or Sprinkles, then I will eat them in 5 minutes. It’s not that I crave it, it’s just I love them and if I see it I eat it. I can’t control that one.

Also I chose to eat less carbs because since January my bowel movements have slowed down soooooo much, sometimes I cannot do number 2 for 2-3 days. Nothing is more uncomfortable than that. If you have been pregnant you know what I’m talking about. My doctor gave me a gentle laxative, but I’m not a fan of medicine, so I do not take it. I try to drink a smoothie in the midday (recipe here), and every other day I eat ½ spoon flaxseed. It really helps. I notice if I eat rice or potatoes 2 days in a row, then nothing can help. So now my eating habits have changed because I want regular number 2s in my life, and after labor you really don’t want to mess with that J.


So my typical day looks like this: (I do eat something every 3 hours)

For breakfast I eat cereal. And only the special K Chocolate Almond can satisfy me (before I was pregnant I never ate cereal, but now it’s the only thing that can keep me full for 2-3 hours).

Then I drink my smoothie, if I’m not home I take it with me. Get some nuts with it too (love the omega mix from Trader Joes).

For lunch I go back home and make stir fry vegetables with chicken. For dessert I eat 4 square milka or few spoon fulls of ice cream.

Usually I eat the leftovers for dinner and afterwards I eat yoghurt with nuts, and some fruit.

That’s it. Sure some days I eat chicken pita form the souvlaki greek food carts, or skip the smoothie and eat the Dough doughnuts, but I need that. I need a cheat day. But again, when I do that I know is a chance I won’t go to the bathroom. Everything has a price.


Let me know how food effect your pregnancy,



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