Expand your limits


I created Balance Yoga because after years of practicing and teaching fitness I realized that I and my students were very tight.  The five minute stretches students do after a hard workout class, is not enough. Strengthening is a good thing, but when I think about yoga I think about stretching, and becoming loose, and not another workout class.

In my balance yoga sessions we go back to the basic idea of yoga, we stretch. I can teach handstands, headstands, arm balances, inversions, and other advanced poses, but that’s not my priority. My priority is to stretch your whole body–in my class we focus weekly on extra stretching a specific area of your body while maintaining a full body stretch.

Over the years I worked with various athletes (tennis players, runner, etc.), people with injuries (neck injuries, hip replacement, bulging disks, etc.) and people with different body pains (sciatica, fibromyalgia, etc.).  After each session with me they felt less pain, looser, lighter and, more flexible. I can help you to feel better and do whatever you want, without limitation!

I also offer Prenatal Sessions, where we focus on strengthening the muscles around the joints, because joints loosen in preparation for labor. We also focus on personalized stretching, as each woman feels tight in different areas. In the session we work on toning the abdominal walls and the pelvic floor to help to ease labor, reduces overall strain, and help you heal faster.

And I offer Postnatal Sessions, where we work on repairing the abdominal muscles. Strengthening your diastasis recti, the abs muscles that expanded while you were pregnant, is very important after birth. In my post-natal sessions we focus on strengthen this, and also strengthen your whole body and stretch it. At the end of this class you will feel like you are ready to take care of 5 more kids.  I also wrote a book about recovering your body after birth.  Check out my book for some good prenatal exercises.

I teach private sessions and group classes either at your office or at my studio in Manhattan.


All sessions are 60 minutes:

$199 for a  single session

3pack for $469

5pack for $759

10pack for $1500


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I’m a 500hr certified Yoga teacher, Prenatal/Postnatal Teacher, Yoga Training Teacher and ASFY anatomy teacher,