Cardio, it’s true, will make us lose weight.  But, losing weight without weight training will not give us the long, lean, and toned muscles we desire. I have worked on many people who have lost lots of weight with cardio, but they didn’t feel toned–because they skipped the weight training. After a few weeks working with me I helped them to feel better in a strapless dress, or go to the beach with a firm, toned body.

 I focus on proper techniques to reduces injury and forces our bodies to use not only the large muscle groups, but also the small muscles. I teach deliberate, mindful movements coupled with cardiovascular exercises. This form of strength training can truly transform a body. This training program is to improve overall body strength.


All sessions are 60 minutes:

$219 for a  single session

3pack for $619

5pack for $990

10pack for $1900


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