Explore your Core

With Pilates we work all the 4 abdominal muscles, and with that you will develop greater core strength which leads you to an overall stronger body, better posture, and reduction of back pain. In anything we do in our daily life, we need core strength.

Most of us have weak lower abdominals because we do not really work on that area properly. Doing sit-ups or crunches only works on your rectus abdominals and do not work on your transverse abdominals at all! All of my students are different, and that’s why I personally modify the sessions for each student so they can be stronger and pain free.

Also offer Prenatal Sessions where we focus on moving in ways that strengthen the muscles around the joints that loosen in preparation for labor. We also focus on personalized stretching, because each woman feels tight in different areas of her body. In the session we work on toning the pelvic floor to help to ease labor, reduces overall strain, and help you heal faster.

And offer Postnatal session where we will work on to repair your abdominal muscles, strengthening your diastasis recti, the abs muscles that expanded while you were pregnant. In every class we strengthen your entire body and stretch it. At the end of this class you will feel like you are ready to take care of 5 more kids! Check out my Postnatal book for some great workout ideas.


All sessions are 60 minutes:

$199 for a  single session

3pack for $469

5pack for $759

10pack for $1500


Book your First private Pilates session  for only $75


I’m a certified 600 hour Pilates Mat and Equipment teacher, Pilates Training Teacher and ASFY anatomy teacher.