Viktoria's Balance | Guided Meditation in New York City
Meditation not just reduce stress, but with a daily practice you will feel calmer and centered.
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We hear it everywhere meditation is important, and it’s true. Its not just to reduce stress, but with daily meditation you will feel calmer and more centered. IMG_3630_FixSometimes I feel lost and drained by the city. Often, I let my work over-take my day and don’t give myself any quiet time. I was used to always feeling tired, whiny and worn out. When I started doing meditation every other day I felt much more centered. Now my schedule is still crazy, but I always find time for myself.

Because nothing is more important than YOU!

I have been doing healing work for 4 years now, and with my guided meditation you will find peace and the understanding to center your thoughts. Most of my clients are working in crazy environments, and they know the importance of taking a break, like a “mini vacation.” When my clients go back to work they feel relaxed and are able to work more effectively (and make better decisions).

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