We hear it everywhere meditation is important, and yes, that is true.

” Learning to be quiet and meditate involves figuring out a way to enter the spaces between your thoughts.”  Wayne W. Dyer

What is meditation and Why is good for everyone? Meditation is a practice which helps to calm and quite the mind, for a result you will see things more clearly, also reduce stress, anxiety, and help to get to know yourselves better, to discover who YOU really are, and what YOU really want. Everyday meditation practice take you closer to your true selves, which is really different from your stressed and tensed selves. You will notice that your true self is a positive, patient, calm, kind and life loving person!

In the Guided Deep Meditation we are working on solving your problems and letting go. The key to let go is that we don’t fight against or ignore our feelings anymore. Before we can let go of any emotion we have to feel it fully. We face our feelings instead of being afraid of them! With this technique we can concentrate more on the positive emotions and the intensity of the negative ones will be lower.  When it’s happen then we let them go.You wanna leave your baggage, past behind you and want to start with a new Page? Then Guided Deep Mediation for you!

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Sessions are 30 minutes
sessions are 90 minutes
3pack for $2503pack for $550
5pack for $400

Viktoria has has helped many individuals and families with diverse and practical needs. She brings creativity, knowledge, and an attitude of non-judgement with her to this important work.