– open the heart and mind to new possibility –

We will explore fundamental Family Constellations — a groundbreaking approach to well-being in its broadest sense. Family Constellations is an essential life perspective and process that opens the heart and mind to new possibility. The work shows us how to create the space necessary for change. Take root in the personal, family, or professional sphere. Whether engaging as a client, representative, or witness, participants have the opportunity to actually experience insight as they look at their own lives and the lives of those who came before them.

Family constellations created by Bert Hellinger, a psychologist and theologian who studied how families and communities function for over 50 years. Hellinger discovered that individuals often subconsciously adopt destructive mental and physical attitudes in order to fit in better with their family or guiding social system. Here is a video of Guy Pearce explain how Family Constellation work.

Email Viktoria to schedule an appointment     Private session that will fit your schedule, may take place in the comfort of your own home, private office or in a yoga studio. Corporate session are also available to promote the well-being of your employees.

**Since each FC session is unique and created in the moment, we cannot predict exactly how long it will take for a resolution and the completion of a Constellation. Generally this happens within 90-minutes, however I ask clients to allot two hours just in case the extra time is needed.**