Online Certification!

Don’t live in New York?  Busy, with not a lot of extra time? Don’t want to fight the human rush in Manhattan? No Problem! Get Certified Online!


ONLINEWe pleased to offer an ONLINE version of our intensive Training programs. A perfect platform for any teacher who wants to continue their education, or for anyone interested in teaching or improving their practice. All the knowledge and one-on-one attention of our instructors, with all the convenience of online studies.

Our courses strongly follow the Pilates foundation as taught in the classical style of Joseph Pilates, and how to incorporate innovative contemporary techniques into classes. This means we will teach you how to blend creative movement into the traditional Pilates method, so you can create fun, challenging classes, which will never be the same. You will be trained so well that even if you teach 3 classes a day for the same people they will never get bored!

Course includes:

1)     Step-by-step instructional video.

2)     Your-Movement Training Manual Text book.

3)    Poses-variation pamphlet with detailed photos—to easily see variations of the poses.

4)     One-on-one skype hour meeting (or in-person if you live in New York) with one of our experienced instructors.

5)     Access to videos covering specific poses and pedagogy instructions—making it easier to train others.

6)     Practice teaching a class at our studio in Midtown, or over skype.

*For the online certification students must pass a take-home tests as well as practice-teach an one hour class (either in our studio or online).


  • Basic Pilates Training NOW for only : $199.99
  • Intermediate Pilates Training NOW for only : $199.99
  • Postnatal Training NOW for only : $249.99
  • Props Pilates Training NOWfor only: $299.99