“I love how during the mediation Vicky make me feel. Her voice keep me in the present, and not wondering as much around when I’m doing it by myself. I doing meditation with 2-3x a week, and I do feel more calmer, and see clearer certain situations. I’m grateful I found her. ”


“I believe it is the instructors that make this studio great. It is clear that they’re well-trained and understand their craft, and the classes are tough. You will sweat and pant and giggle with breathless anxiety through them. I’ve only taken classes with Nicole and Viktoria (though I have heard excellent things about Lynette), but they are truly incredible teachers. They push you to do your absolute best, to grow as a Pilates pupil, and to recognize and harness you’re own strength. They know when to be tough on you (such as when you’re slacking on your abdominal work) and when to nurture your weaknesses until you overcome them; and they make the classes fun with ample doses of humor.”


” Viktoria is absolutely wonderful! Her coaching on getting me back into shape two years postpartum were priceless. Prior to seeing her, I had a trainer for four months at a fancy gym and while I got stronger nothing was being done to correct my diastasis recti (abdominal separation). It’s not the fault of that trainer, he was good but he didn’t know. Since Viktoria had recently given birth when I met her, she herself was trying to accomplish my same goal and could understand the changes the body goes through after childbirth. She jump started my healthy habit of going to  gym regularly and doing proper stretches. I am very happy with my results. She is very candid and easy to talk to. Highly recommended, especially for new mamas needing balance! ”

– Elaine –

“I am very happy to have found this quaint, intimate studio. Due to a bulging disc I need very thoughtful and focused workouts. Your- Movement’s techniques and methods and perfect for me. I’ve been working with Viktoria now since August and feel great. She is very devoted to making sure her clients are getting what they need out of the workouts. I am definitely seeing results! I have recently started back to group classes and really enjoy it. “

– Alicia –

” I had and unbelievable experience with the owner  of the place Vicky who gave me one on one yoga  class. She is the most gentle and beautiful soul and in my case it’s priceless !!! You have to try this place! ”

– Galina –

” I’ve been taking classes with Viktoria regularly since May 2015, and I am 100% satisfied with my physical and mental changes. I feel stronger and positive. ”

– Jessica –

” Love the classes with Viki. I have been going to the studio for the last two months and it’s been an amazing experience. I truly look forward to the Yoga/Pilate sessions every week. The studio is super convenient from where I work and it’s cozy. Viki provides you with all the necessary equipment and gives you one on one pointers. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease. So far it’s been awesome and I’m looking forward to many more sessions. ”

– Debbie –

“This review is for the 6 month health coaching I received from Viktoria. I wanted to lose weight and tone up because I felt my body was starting to look like my office chair. I am very happy with the time and money spent on the health coaching program.  I received menus and recipes that were easy to follow. Viktoria guided me through healthy food choices and helped me learn to portion control my meals.  The best element of the health coaching are the bi-weekly meetings.  They were very helpful in keeping me on track and focused.
“Viktoria is very knowledgeable and makes herself available if you have any questions or food meltdowns.  Viktoria also helped me tailor my exercise schedule so that I had a good balance of cardio, strengthening, and stretching.  I am pleased to say that I have lost 15 pounds, and I have changed my approach to food and meal times completely which helps sustain the weight loss.  I cannot give enough praise to Viktoria and the health coaching program she developed!”
– Sarah-

“Vicky whipped me into shape, within a month I started to notice my tummy and back tighten. Very important when your wearing a strapless wedding gown!”
– Elizabeth –

“I do privates there once a week and enjoy them thoroughly-Victoria is very good at listening to my needs, working with my limitations and has such a nice manner and spirit-my flexibility has greatly improved and lingering pains have disappeared-I highly recommend her”
– Joel –

Viktoria is just amazing!
The wellness program is NOT a diet, it is a way to improve your life.
I fear diets as they mean you have to give up something and that never lasts!
The plan in flexible. It teaches you how foods affect you. I used to feel bloated most of the day and could not figure out why. The first thing in my personalized plan was not to have milk, you know what? The bloating went away. The second thing is you see how fruits are so important and filling!
I would recommend this highly as it is a flexible program and you definitely will feel better and help you make better HEALTHIER choices!”
– Meg –

*You can read all these reviews on my and the studio Yelp or google page!*