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Learn about what health mean to me and how I can help you to feel the same
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In Fall 2012, my dream came true when I opened Your-Movement Wellness Center as a peaceful oasis from the chaos of New York City life. My studio is a calm space where New Yorkers come to feel refreshed in the middle of their hectic day, or after a long day of work – turning off the noise in their heads to tune-in to their greatest self. My intention is to build a community where every one feels welcome to work-out in a friendly non-judgmental environment. I wanted more people to get in their inner self, and feel balance between their minds and bodies. In the studio we specialize in small intimate classes so that each student can get one-on-one attention. My goal is that even if someone comes in for just one class we can help improve his/her form so they will get 100% of the benefits from the poses.

Your-Movement Wellness Center

When I first started working-out daily, I was not aware that I was often exercising wrong. What’s more, no one at my gym/studio told me that I was squatting, lunging, and so much more–incorrectly. Several years ago this led to injuries in both my knee and shoulder. In my private sessions my main focus is on correct posture and movements. I want everyone to know the safe and correct way to exercise so they may get stronger without any injury. My growing knowledge, as well as my continued practice of Pilates and Yoga has, thankfully, led me to a full recovery and passion for what I do. I know the health and healing benefits of practice first hand. I believe that everyone can benefit from taking Yoga and Pilates. These practices improve focus and concentration, as well as reduce pain and improve posture through better alignment.

The practice of yoga and Pilates has changed my body and my mind. I found that after a year of continual practice not only was my body strength improving and my muscles becoming leaner and more toned, but the change was affecting my body from the inside out. I noticed after my Yoga classes I was craving healthy food. I was able to to better listen to my body. When I studied and went through Health Coaching myself I found that there was a world of difference between what I thought was healthy and what actually was healthy for me. Learning to listen to my body was a challenge, but one that was well worth it. Our bodies want to be healthy, it’s just a matter of being able to listen to them. I always took care of what I ate, but I could never really tell what my body wanted. This led me to further training and eventual certification as a Health Coach and Nutritionists.

I strongly believe in holistic health care, every little bit counts! Sometimes I eat sweets, and it’s okay. I don’t think that holistic health is about lists of “cans” and “cannot.” It is about moderation and listening to our bodies. My passion is helping others establish full, healthy lifestyles, through whole foods and exercises.

I am always improving myself, my awareness, and my knowledge. I love learning about how our bodies work and fit together, and learning more  helps me aid  more students to a happier and healthier practice.