My passion is to help others establish full, healthy lifestyles, through whole foods, exercises, mindfulness, and creative counseling.
But without strong mental health, having a strong body doesn’t matter. Learning how to stay calm and centered, even in challenging situations, through meditation, and other healing methods, helped me to see life with a positive mindset. Which in turn, helped me to face the good, and the bad, with open arms. We never know what tomorrow will bring. Most of the time we can do more than just endure the bad, we can learn from it. Learning from the bad helps us appreciate, even more, the good things life has to offer.


Your-Movement Wellness Center

In Fall 2012, I opened Your-Movement Wellness Center as an oasis from the chaos of New York City life. My studio is a calm space where New Yorkers can feel refreshed – turning off the noise in their heads to tune-in to their greater self. Together with my stuff, we have built a community where every one feels welcome to work-out in a friendly and non-judgmental environment. I wanted more people to understand their inner self, and feel balanced in mind and body.

When I first started working-out daily, I was doing it wrong, with poor alignment. This led to injuries in my knee and shoulder. In my private sessions I focus on correct alignment. Everyone should know a safe way to exercise. My growing knowledge, and my practice of Pilates and Yoga has led me to a full recovery. I know the healing benefits of practice first-hand. Everyone can benefit from taking Yoga and Pilates. They improve focus and concentration, reduce pain, loosen tight muscles, and improve posture.

The practice of yoga and Pilates has changed my body and my mind. After a year of continual practice not only did my body become leaner and more toned, but I was also changing from the inside out. After classes I was craving healthy food. I studied and went through Health Coaching myself I found that there was a difference between what I thought was healthy and what was healthy for me. Learning to listen to my body was a challenge, but one that was well worth it. Our bodies want to be healthy, it’s just a matter of being able to listen to them. This journey led me to certification as a Health Coach and Nutritionist.

In holistic health care, every bit counts. This means, eating sweets is okay, because Holistic health is not a lists of “dos” and “don’ts.” It is about moderation and listening.